March 19, 2009
thursday's lunch

thursday's lunch


Welcome to the Ikea leftover lunch.  We have some meatballs & sauce, homemade mashed potatoes, an apple, and a new yogurt flavor that is pretty good (blackberry pomegranate)! 

Not my healthiest lunch ever, but the meatballs were super cute in their little box.   The yogurt is really tasty, and there’s a $1 off coupon if you want to give it a try on the Yo-Plus website.


Day one

March 12, 2009

My little lunch box is all packed up for its first day on the job!  I think it will need a name.  Maybe Myrtle.

Anyway, here’s what’s inside today:

1.  Baingan Bharta (a delicious eggplant curry).  Next time I make it I will add some peas, but it’s still a tasty recipe.

2.  1 garlic naan, cut into dipper size and neatly tucked inside a compartment.   This Whole Foods brand of naan is tasty and a better deal than the one I can find at Publix.  Same price but the Whole Foods one has 4 naan compared to only 2!

3.  Fresh strawberries– Florida is full of strawberries right now!  I bought 4 enormous boxes of them at Publix for only 5 dollars.  Delicious!

4.  In my tiny tiny container (good for sauces or garnish) I have some spicy pickle that I found at Whole Foods last night.  It’s mango, lime, and chili pepper. 

No picture today, someone took the batteries out of my camera!  And by someone I mean me.  I’ve got to get some more!

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March 11, 2009

Tomorrow: Day One!

March 11, 2009


Eat healthy food daily.  Make it fun and have variety, and don’t break the bank.  So as a bribe to myself to stick with this plan, I got a  Laptop Lunch kit today!  I’ve wanted one for awhile but deliberated over the price.  However, I’ll be saving a lot by not going out and buying fast food, and by not using disposable bags.  (I also got a good deal on one from Greenfeet.  If you go there, take note– differenc colors are different prices, so look at all color options to find the cheapest one.)

So tomorrow will start my new way of eating healthy, nutritious, and exciting food with my bento-style lunchbox.