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Day one

March 12, 2009

My little lunch box is all packed up for its first day on the job!  I think it will need a name.  Maybe Myrtle.

Anyway, here’s what’s inside today:

1.  Baingan Bharta (a delicious eggplant curry).  Next time I make it I will add some peas, but it’s still a tasty recipe.

2.  1 garlic naan, cut into dipper size and neatly tucked inside a compartment.   This Whole Foods brand of naan is tasty and a better deal than the one I can find at Publix.  Same price but the Whole Foods one has 4 naan compared to only 2!

3.  Fresh strawberries– Florida is full of strawberries right now!  I bought 4 enormous boxes of them at Publix for only 5 dollars.  Delicious!

4.  In my tiny tiny container (good for sauces or garnish) I have some spicy pickle that I found at Whole Foods last night.  It’s mango, lime, and chili pepper. 

No picture today, someone took the batteries out of my camera!  And by someone I mean me.  I’ve got to get some more!